NewTop NT7200 72cc Chainsaw
NewTop NT7200 72cc Chainsaw

NewTop NT7200 72cc Chainsaw

Brand: NewTop
Category: Professional Chainsaws
Engine class: 72cc
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Price: $527.00
Manufactored in: China
Stock: In Stock - ISO9001 Quality Certification

I have had a working relationship with NewTop for 18 months and all of the products that I have received have had no defects and have all worked well.  NewTop parts are sold in Europe by one of my international suppliers so this machine is popular in Europe.  NewTop is a ISO9001 quality certified corporation just as Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna, Echo, Efco and Maruyama are.  When a customer purchases NewTop machine from me I register it with the corporation and able to get parts as needed for repair.  This chainsaw is a copy of the Husqvarna 372XP.  It has lots of power, well balanced and is reliable.  

 Heavy duty chainsaw with fuel-efficient engine. Satisfied scavenging structure, emissions conform to EUII standard. Ergonomically improved handles reduce fatigue. Its advanced air filtration system brings the benefits of reduced maintenance and reliable performance. Ideal for working with medium to large strength wood.Bottom of Form
Features And Optional Configuration
•  Imported Japanese WALBRO carburetor
•  Imported chains of famous brands
•  High quality light and durable 18"-24" guide bars available
•  Low machine noise thanks to the adoption of latest technology
•  Newly designed engine with low fuel consumption and high efficiency
•  Sustainable and efficient performance under harsh conditions
Quality & Inspection
•  Our products have passed CE safety certification
•  Oue company is certified with ISO9001 standards 
•  QC checking from spare parts to every process in production
After-sales service
•  12 months warranty, within warranty period, we will provide free parts for replacement if any problem belongs to us.
•  After the warranty period the parts are offered at cost price.
 |    Model NO. |   NT7200
  |    Power type |    Single Cylinder, Two-stroke, Air-cooling
  |    Cylinder diameter |    52mm*34mm
  |    Engine Displacement |    72cc
  |    Rated output power |     3.3kW (4.4 hp)
  |    Relevant speed |    8000rpm
  |    Standard Bar Lengths |    24" (61.0cm)
  |    Chain pitch (inch) |    3/8"
  |    Chain Gauge |    .058"/.063"
  |    Fuel mixture ratio |    25:1(Gasoline 25 : Two-cycle Oil 1)
  |    Fuel capacity |    750ml (26.4 oz.)
  |    Chain oil capacity |    450ml (15.8 oz.)
  |    Ignition system |    Digital
  |    Dry weight (without bar and chain) |    6.0kg (13.2 lbs.)
  |    Weight (with bar and chain) |    7.0kg (15.4 lbs.)
  |    Box weight |    8.5kg (18.7 lbs.)

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