Holzfforma G888 (MS880} Chainsaw
Holzfforma  G888 (MS880} Chainsaw

Holzfforma G888 (MS880} Chainsaw

Brand: Farmertec/Holzfforma
Category: Professional Chainsaws
Engine class: 121.6cc
For Sale
Price: $639.00 Power Head Only
Manufactored in: China
Stock: In Stock

·      Warranty 6 months home use 3 months commercial use
·      Stronger handle grip with rubber inside
·      Magnesium Alloy sprocket cover
·      Thicker handle bar and rubber sleeve
·      Chrome coated and heat treated twin spikes
·      Quality stainless steel newer bolted muffler

Technical Specifications For G888:
 Chainsaw type: Holzfforma single cylinder 2 stroke engine
 Total Mass Without bar and chain: 12kgs
 Cylinder Displacement: 121.6cm3
 Power Output to ISO: 7293 6.4KW
 Idle Speed: 2,800 RPM
 Maximum Power Speed: 11,500 RPM
 Cylinder Bore: 60 MM
 Cylinder Stroke: 43 MM
 Chain Type: .404", .063"
 Chain Sprocket: Standard 7 tooth .404" pitch
 Oil Tank Capacity: 0.7L
Power Head $639.00
42" .404" .063" bar and chain $197.73

This is a professional Chinese copy of the Stihl MS880 and it comes stock with a 42" bar and chain or power head only.  It has lots of torque and power.  The options will be with bars and chains from Oregon, Cannon, Sugihara, TsuMura and GB.  The chains will be made by Oregon.  The chain pitch will be .404" and the chain gage will be 0.063".  From what I can see the company's warranty is three months.  I began carrying this machine because there is no other of this class available to me.  I will try to stock parts and support anyone that purchases this machine from me to the best of my ability 

Some reviews from our clients


La****aw, from Farmertec
Heavy and powerful, Mine has a weak decompression valve which made it challenging to start but it runs awesome. This is the saw for Skeletor or Thor.
star star star star star_border
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